The Equalizer Slot

The Equalizer Slot Overview: Hit Frequency, Paylines, Number of Reels & Volatility

The Equalizer Slot Overview. Prepare yourself for a flash of fake nostalgia with Red Tiger’s cool slot with a retro-futuristic theme. The Equalizer is a blisteringly furious action game that is an amazing adrenaline rush, taking many inspirations from titles like Hotline (NetEnt) & Banana Rock (Play’n GO). 

Although The Equalizer Slot wears its influences on its sleeve in the hex code of its color scheme, it refines formulas in a way that makes it feel unexpectedly forward-thinking, thrilling, and new.

Depending on your preference, Red Tiger sets you off in a metropolis that might be either from a 1984 Atari game or the far future. It has a function that allows it to expand both of the reels and the rows, Increasing the game’s default 5×4 reel configuration’s rows by 15 to a total of 60.

Additionally, you receive stacked wilds that can also expand and a free spins bonus with expanded reels and wilds that stay in place for the duration of the bonus round. From 10 cents to 40 euros or pounds every spin, you can play this bizarre slot machine.

It has a stunning aesthetic and is based on a subject that differs from the typical Red Tiger fare. Perhaps the most striking feature is the enormous equalizer that is located below the reels and responds to both the music and specific game actions. As a side note, while the background music is quite OK, it lacks the distinctiveness and catchiness we would anticipate from a slot that appears to be entirely focused on music.

Even if it gets more intense in the bonus, the experience may have been improved with a little more work on the beat. Either way, lower value card suit symbols appear with stars, bars, dice, and diamonds on the semi-transparent reels, which are set against a neon futuristic city backdrop.

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The Equalizer Slot: Features

The Equalizer Slot

Even though there aren’t many features in The Equalizer slot, the ones that are there are well-integrated and regularly activated. The Expanding Slot function, which activates randomly, is a part of the game. It increases the reel set to a maximum size of 7 reels and 6 rows in the standard game, but only for the current spin.

Additionally, you get an Expanding Wilds function, which allows wilds to enlarge to heights of up to 6 symbols.

The Equalizer doesn’t have many features, but the few that are there are well-integrated and frequently activated. The game includes the Expanding Slot feature, which occasionally activates. In the basic game, it expands the reel set to a maximum of 7 reels and 6 rows, but only for the current spin. Additionally, there is an Expanding Wilds feature that enables wilds to grow up to a height of 6 symbols.

For the duration of the bonus, any wild symbols that land on the reels can shift to the left or right of the reels. The Expanding Slot feature offers the same advantage in that, if the reels and rows grow, they will stay extended throughout the free spins round. Furthermore, you will always receive one additional spin for every +scatter symbol that appears on the reels.

The Equalizer Slot: Verdict

We are a little startled to see Red Tiger releasing a shape-shifting game based on an idea they created because they just bought the Megaways engine.

Although it lacks the acclaimed design of Big Time Gaming, it nevertheless offers a ton of action and variety. The free spins feature is what really makes The Equalizer succeed despite the fact that the basic game has everything it takes to keep you amused.

One of the best Red Tiger bonus games we’ve ever played, the mix of expanding reels, rows, and wilds together with the sticky feature and retriggers is just outstanding. If you want to try other games, try other interesting games such as Casino, Football and others on the bandar bola online site.

In The Equalizer Slot, you need to exercise a little caution because of how volatile it is. There were lots of dry moments when it would take us hundreds of spins during our test sessions, yet bonuses may drop at a rate of 1 in 50 spins. A lucky few will surely dance to the beat of The Equalizer, though, with a 10,000 bet potential.

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